This is the website of composer Christopher J. Hoh.  Here you can see and hear musical compositions available through HohMade Music.  Explore and enjoy!

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My name is Chris Hoh and I have written the music here.   Thanks for checking it out!   Mostly choral, these compositions include religious texts, American poetry, Shaker hymns and environmental sayings.   The writing goes from few to many parts -- with a few vocal solos and instrumental ensembles.   Style/influences?   Poulenc, Rheinberger and Britten from abroad along with Americans Billings, Ives, Copland, A. Parker, Paulus and Rorem.   You'll find evocative texts, vivid harmonies and intriguing counterpoint.   I hope you like this music and you send me your comments!

July-August Pieces of the Month:  I Sang     Exuberant and wistful, here's another great Carl Sanburg poem.   There's the happy "I sang for you and the moon" section followed by "only the moon remembers ..."   For a cappella chorus, recently revised and recorded, it is on a forthcoming Navona Records CD.   Details on all of "Remembering All: Five Sandburg Poems" at this info page.

Ecumencial Meditation     The world needs respect and understanding across faiths more than ever these days.   This piece celebrated religious tolerance decreed 1300 years ago with a mix of languages and sacred texts.   Now it is available on the Undiscovered Choral Gems CD by Composer's Choir and conductor Daniel Shaw.   Download it from Amazon or iTunes or elsewhere.   Sheet music with beautifully-produced instrumental parts available here at Art of Sound Music.   More details about this piece at this info page.

"No Noise!"     One minute is all a chamber orchestra needs to modulate through many keys.   This trifle adapts a choral piece (guess which?) and provides the title of the CD Baby virtual album, No Noise! C.J. Hoh Chamber Music.   Check it out and tell me what you think!   It has trios, quintets and my oldie-but-good Suite for Vibraphone, Synthesizer & Strings.   For scores, check out this list at Art of Sound Music.

Video Channel!   HohMadeMusic on YouTube includes concert performances and slide shows.   Follow this link to the Christopher J. Hoh video channel.     Please consider subscribing and telling your friends.

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Overdue Update
Monday, February 15th, 2016

Lots of projects, Facebook postings and other updates in the last 12 months, but I'm only now writing a new website article. Here's a quick run-down. PARMA Records is recording seven pieces in March for release on two CD's. Their holiday compilation is due out in Fall 2016 and a collection with American poetry in 2017. These include "Come Now and Celebrate" for chorus & piano and revised editions of my Sandburg Poems, first published and recorded 20 years ago. Meanwhile, Composers Choir released the Undiscovered Choral Gems CD with "Ecumenical Meditation" in 2015 and I created several virtual albums available on CD Baby. "Come Away to the Skies," accepted recently by Project Encore, got several more performances and led to a new commission for an American folk hymn setting; stay tuned for details. The two love ballads I arranged for middle school chorus and piano are now available via J.W. Pepper's My Score, joined by more pieces every month. Christmas Eve saw the premiere of my arrangement of the lovely "Mary's Soliloquy" by Lucy Vessey, arranged for solo mezzo and choir. Canada and Kansas recently saw their first performances of my music. My new SATB a cappella setting of John 13, "A New Commandment," echoes my beloved "Peace Be With You" and both will soon be available in printed octavos at My Score. Finally, I have edited several older pieces, including Philippe de Monte's Missa Inclina Cor Meum, which Musikanten just performed at First Night Alexandria and will take on tour to Germany and Poland. This and other HMM Editions (Sweelinck, Du Caurroy, H. Parker, A. Beach) are also being prepared for distribution by J.W. Pepper. And I promise to post more updates in the future!
Spring Fling
Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

It seems a lot of good things have come together at once. Yesterday I got to meet the students from the William and Mary Choir -- and their outstanding director Dr. James Armstrong -- who took my "Angele Dei" on tour this spring. They are excellent and brought beautiful blend and musicianship to this piece. Best was several telling me how much they loved singing it and have requested repeated performances, including an impromptu rendition in the Princeton Chapel. This is what composers live for -- people bringing our page scribblings to life in a splendid artistic symbiosis. The same day I met with a fabulous teacher -- Anne Provencher of George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, VA -- about two new folksong arrangements they will premiere in May. Again, the joy of musical discovery and the commitment to craft are powerful. Meanwhile, I'm adding another state to my checklist -- Voces Novae in Bloomington, Indiana (lots of good musicians there!) scheduled "Ruben and Rachel" for their innovative concert schedule. I'm also working with senior citizen singers and various church choirs on new and old compositions, so it's a busy time. Finally, J.W. Pepper will start offering hard-copy octavos of my most popular choral pieces in April, in addition to Art of Sound Music's expanding catalog of my instrumental and other works. it's appropriate, that all these great developments come at the same time as spring flowers are starting to bloom!
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