This is the website of composer Christopher J. Hoh.  Here you can see and hear musical compositions available through HohMade Music.  Explore and enjoy!

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My name is Chris Hoh and I have written the music here.   Thanks for checking it out!   Mostly choral, these compositions include religious texts, American poetry, Shaker hymns and environmental sayings.   The writing goes from few to many parts, easy to hard. There are also some vocal solos and instrumental pieces.   Style/influences?   Poulenc, Rheinberger and Britten from abroad along with Americans Billings, Ives, Copland, A. Parker, Paulus and Rorem.   You'll find vivid harmonies, evocative texts and intriguing counterpoint.   I hope you like this music and you send me your comments!

Pieces of the Month:  Nature Invites: Two Thoreau Reflections   Go green with environmental wisdom from the great Henry David Thoreau.   These reflections are for SATB a cappella; perform them separately or together.   Here they are sung one on a part by Bridge.   Available at this page at J.W. Pepper MyScore.

Music at the Heart of Creation:   Ten brass players and Vox Futura choir sounded fabulous recording this exciting composition.   Now the album is out!   Thanks to all who contributed funds to the project!   Contributions are still needed and welcome.   Please go to this Fractured Atlas page for a video and info.     Your contribution there is tax-deductible.   Thank you!   Click this link for text and score.
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O Suavitas et Dulcedo   Phillipe de Monte was the leading composer of the Hapsburg Court.   Here's his extraordinary eight-voice motet O Suavitas et Dulcedo brought to you by HMM Editions.   Along with other Renaissance masters and early American gems, it is available from JW Pepper MyScore.

Evolutionary Spirits!   Details here about the terrific CD by The Crossing under Donald Nally.   It includes To Elliott, my homage to composer Elliott Carter, and My Mistress' Eyes, Shakespeare's funny and ultimately tender Sonnet 130.

Video Channel:   HohMadeMusic on YouTube includes concert performances and slide shows.   Follow this link to the Christopher J. Hoh video channel.     I hope you'll subscribe and tell your friends.

Counting My Blessings
Saturday, September 19th, 2020

These are tough times with the Covid pandemic causing death, suffering, and hardship. Not being able to sing together or attend live concerts makes it worse. My heart goes out to all the musicians who have had their lives and livelihoods disrupted. Iím counting my blessing, so grateful that Westminster Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, VA still premiered God, You Have Searched Me (Psalm 139) with a virtual choir video this summer. And we were lucky to have a terrific concert featuring the sailing triptych Away We Go in early March. Iíve had other commissions and projects postponed, but look forward to hearing the pieces anew when conditions permit. Iíve written instrumental pieces, including a set of six organ chorale preludes and a little organ concerto. Iíve worked on recordings and other projects. And Iíve continued some choral composition in part to deal with Covid grief, e.g. a concert piece on Whitmanís Joy, Shipmate, Joy. The October release of Voices of Earth and Air, Vol. III is a bright spot. This album includes a fine recording of Music at the Heart of Creation for SATB and brass decet. Keep well, keep in touch, keep doing all your good work!
Winter Update
Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Best wishes for Christmas and all the holidays you may be celebrating! Iíll keep this short in this busy season. 2020 includes a commission for Washingtonís GenOUT Chorus, C. Paul Heins, Artistic Director, for their February 22 Youth Invasion concert. Thatís followed by a set of three pieces commissioned by the Alexandria (VA) Choral Society under Artistic Direct Brian J. Isaac to premiere March 7 as part of their 50th anniversary season. That event includes artwork and the Alexandria Kinderchoir, Benjamin Hutchens, Artistic Director. A Connecticut church with a new organ has asked for something later in the year for their choir ó stay tuned. Meanwhile, fall saw the premiere of A Little More Peace for mezzo and piano by Solmaaz Adeli and Daniel Weiser in her East Coast performances, along with the 12-part Musica Dei Donum premiered by The Thirteen under Matthew Robertson at their gala (October was busy). I recorded Music at the Heart of Creation for choir and brass decet with Vox Futura and conductor Andrew Shelton in Boston; look for that CD next year and please considering donating (tax deductible) to make it possible. Project : Encore named Come, Love We God and For the Children or the Grown-Ups? to its database of worthy new works. Two very different approaches to Christmas, but both delightful, so Iím glad to see them recognized. Finally, I see people are ordering my music from JW Pepper, but I donít learn where the performances take place. So whether for me or another living composer, please drop a quick note to tell us! Itís nice to make the personal connection and itís helpful to keep track of public concerts. Thanks in advance!
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