Angele Dei   (from Three Latin Prayers)

SSATBB a cappella
The Prayer to the Guardian Angel, a quiet motet for protection and guidance

HMM 23C6004A License Fee:   $1.00 per copy
Timing:   2:35

Number of Pages:   7

Difficulty:   MM

Occasion/theme:   General, prayer, comfort, night, journey, angel
Text Source:           Reginald of Canterbury, 11 - 12th century
Tune Source:         Original music

Notes:   The William and Mary College Choir performs Angele Dei in 2014 on this concert video. Companion pieces are "Agimus Tibi Gratias" and "Dona Nobis Pacem."     All three available as a set, "Three Latin Prayers."



Angele Dei   (from Three Latin Prayers) Midi File