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Thanks for your interest! Here's what I can do for you and some background.


For leaders, I can provide consultation and coaching to you and your team, focusing on strategic planning and impact. In communications, I can help you improve messaging, communicate better in writing or in person, or outsource an editing chore for fast professional results. When it comes to training, I have experience to share in design and delivery or can facilitate your group workshop.


I served more than 34 years in the U.S. State Department, over 20 in executive jobs and over 30 as a Foreign Service Officer. I was Chargé and Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassies in Sarajevo, Bosnia and in Vienna, Austria. In Washington, other appointments include Associate Dean of the School of Professional Studies, Director of the Office of Southeast Europe, Chief of Strategy and Resources for Stability Operations, and Senior Adviser for Human Resources, leading readiness and recruiting initiatives.

Our leaders often asked me to launch new projects, organize teams on emerging problems, improve messaging for greater impact, and prepare personnel for new challenges. So I developed skills and experience that can benefit your organization in several ways. Whether you seek to create a new program, develop persuasive messaging, train staff to be more effective, or receive coaching for your unique situation, let's talk. I love to assist managers in building their team's confidence and communication, particularly when the mission helps make our world a better place.


Resume, references, and rates available on request.