This is the website of composer Christopher J. Hoh.  Here you can see and hear musical compositions available through HohMade Music.  Explore and enjoy!

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My name is Chris Hoh and I have written the music here.   Thanks for checking it out!   Mostly choral, these compositions include religious texts, American poetry, Shaker hymns and environmental sayings.   The writing goes from few to many parts, easy to hard. There are also some vocal solos and instrumental pieces.   Style/influences?   Poulenc, Rheinberger and Britten from abroad along with Americans Billings, Ives, Copland, A. Parker, Paulus and Rorem.   You'll find vivid harmonies, evocative texts and intriguing counterpoint.   I hope you like this music and you send me your comments!

New Recording Project!   Several recordings are planned or in the works.   You can help with a tax-deductible donation to bring this new music to life, to "Pierce the Darkness with a Note."   Check out this video for details.

Pieces of the Month:  O Sacrum Convivium — O Sacred Communion Meal   A quiet, devotional communion anthem for unaccompanied SATB choir.   Project:Encore recently honored this pairing of an old text with modern music.   Available from JW Pepper MyScore.

Lift Every Voice and Sing   The stirring "African-American Anthem" in a new organ setting.   Just published and available here from Lorenz.   Excerpt also useful to accompany congregational singing, more playable than most hymnal settings.

Album Release!   Details here about the latest CD in the Voices of Earth & Air series from Navona Recordings.   It includes Music at the Heart of Creation for choir and brass. More info at this page.

Video Channel:   HohMadeMusic on YouTube includes concert performances and slide shows.   Follow this link to the Christopher J. Hoh video channel.     I hope you'll subscribe and tell your friends.

Happy New Year
Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Weíre not back to normal yet, but I remain optimistic for 2022. Project:Encoreís recognition of O Sacrum Convivium ó O Sacred Communion Meal started my New Year happy. Itís also been exciting to hear tracks recorded in the fall and being released later this year. Stay tuned. (And contribute to the project if you can.) One is The Gift to Sing, an anthem of resilience that fits these trying times. Finally, Lorenz published my organ piece on Lift Every Voice and Sing in time for Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month. I hope it will help inspire all of us to heed our better angels.
Coming Up for Air
Saturday, September 4th, 2021

How have you managed in the past year? Iím still here and composing, glad that live performances are finally returning. Iíve been working on more instrumental pieces, e.g. flute & guitar, organ again. Recent choral recordings include Nature Invites: Two Thoreau Reflections and the set of five 19th century parlor songs Old American Beauties. Both were sung by my friends at the ensemble Bridge, wonderfully done. Besides some other odds and ends, Iím embarking on a concerted effort to make more recordings and am seeking contributions to that costly cause. Info and links above. Please help if you can and in any case, stay in touch!
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