License and Copyright

Your purchase buys you a PDF file and a license to make copies for your group's use.  Prices are per-copy and each license specifies the number of copies allowed.  Here is a sample license.   This approach seems easier, faster and cheaper for all concerned.  If you are interested in purchasing printed copies to be shipped to you, contact me.  I can also provide a high-quality master in hard copy.  These things entail extra time and cost, which many groups would rather save.  Whichever method you choose, you are obligated to respect its terms, i.e. not making additional copies for another group.  If you make a review copy for a friend to examine, I would consider that "fair use," however, and not count it against the limit for your group.  Rights beyond single-group public performance, e.g. broadcasting, recording, publishing, must be requested separately.

Folios and Files

Unless otherwise noted, music is printed in engraver-quality notation (using Finale and Acrobat).  The layout fits octavo, 8.5" x 11" or European (A3) sized paper. Whenever possible, I will send sound files (in MP3 format) and any rehearsal files (audio or midi) that may be available. 


The texts of my compositions are almost all available -- permission received, public domain or my original work.  It is important when you make licensed copies to include the copyright notice.  In the case of the May Sarton poems, copyright is held by her estate.  Their permission to me to use the texts stipulates that permission for public performance must be obtained from the estate.