Ordering Compositions


The price is a licensing fee that allows you to make up to a specified number of copies for your group's use.  You may make replacement copies as needed.   More info at license page.   Fees are listed on each piece's page and correspond to the following:

A$      .50 per copy
B$      .75 per copy
C$    1.00 per copy
D$    1.50 per copy
E$    2.25 per copy
F$    3.00 per copy
G$    4.75 per copy
H$    6.00 per set
I$  12.00 per set
J$  18.00 per set
K$  24.00 per set

Placing An Order

Please e-mail orders and inquiries to orders@christopherjhoh.com.   I will send you a document that serves as a license and bill.   I prefer payment via PayPal (you don't need your own account) or by check in U.S. dollars.

Soon, I hope you will be able to order my music directly from this website. 

Many thanks for your interest.