Photo Gallery

College Angels

The William & Mary Choir a-caroling

Students from The William & Mary Choir a-caroling with C. Paul Heins, conductor.  They performed "Angele Dei" beautifully in fall '14 and voted to reprise it during the holidays!

O Welt-Urauffuehrung

Stuttgart Chorus Poster

Poster art for the world premiere (Welt-Urauffuehrung) of "Ero Cras: The O Antiphons" in Germany.  The idea of setting these beautiful chants never occurred to me, but I'm so glad their director Thomas L. Carter asked me to!

Jugendstil Gems

Musikanten at Kirche am Steinhof

Musikanten after the "American Choral Gems" concert April 2012 in the glorious Otto Wagner Kirche am Steinhof .  Director Kerry Krebill included my "Evening Music," and ended with the second encore, my "Dona Nobis Pacem" resounding in that great space.

Post Premiere Paparazz

Solmaaz Adeli, Paul Chuey & Chris Hoh outside 1516 in Vienna

Contralto Solmaaz Adeli, saxophonist Paul Chuey and I celebrating after the premiere of "I Breathed A Song," November 2011 in Vienna.  Snapped by a friend of Solmaaz's, it shows us happy with the Musikverein performance, in which I played the piano.

Stephansdom Premiere

Wiener Singakademie at Stephansdom

"Ecumenical Meditation" premiered in Vienna's Stephansdom (Cathedral) April 30, 2011.  Members of the Wiener Singakademie and 1. �sterreichischer Frauen-Kammerorchester performed under conductor Oliver Stech.

Recording Again

Walders conducting singers at recording session

Conductor Patrick Walders and terrific singers recording "From Heaven There Came A Sound."  This was at St. Luke Catholic Church, McLean, VA in February 2011.

Turkey 2010

Musikanten & Brian Sing at Taksim Square

Musikanten performing in Taksim Square in Istanbul, 2010.  Baritone Brian Ming Chu sings a solo with Kerry Krebill conducting.

Musikanten sing at Ephesus

In the ancient amphitheater at Ephesus (Turkey), Musikanten on tour gives an unscheduled performance in September 2010.  Kerry Krebill conducted "Dona Nobis Pacem," a fitting and timeless prayer.

House Concert

Hoh addressing audience

A Vienna Hauskonzert, with me introducing the performers in 2010.  Duke Univesity's wonderful Ciompi String Quartet played, including a new American piece, although not mine.

Recording Session

Hoh conducting organ & singers

We recorded at St. Luke Catholic in McLean, VA in 2008 & 2009.  Paul Skevington is at the console of the magnificent Steiner-Reck organ.


Some of the stupendous singers in a quiet moment.

Peace & Happiness

Musikanten at First Night Concert

Musikanten at the premiere of "Dona Nobis Pacem" New Year's Eve 2008-09.  Kerry Krebill conducted at First Night, Alexandria, Virginia.

More Musikanten on Tour

Singers With Concert Poster in Vilnius

A fellow baritone and I pose by the concert poster in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Musikanten began the 2009 Baltic tour here.

Hoh & Singers in Riga Dom

In the choirloft of the Dom in Riga, Latvia in 2009.  "Dona Nobis Pacem" was part of the music for the service in this magnificent sanctuary.

Groupies Singing

Now the tour groupies get their chance!.  In Tallinn, Estonia, after all the concerts, we had a fun dinner, serenaded by the spouses and friends who came along to the Baltics in 2009.

Musikanten Montana takes a bow

Helena Choral Week 2008 featured a midday concert devoted to my music.  Conductor Kerry Krebill acknowledges the fine singers.

Photo of Musikanten in Dubrovnik

Friends from Musikanten after a splendid concert in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2003.  "Evening Music" premiered on this tour.  Conductor Kerry Krebill is in front.  Yours truly is in the center of the back row.

Sarajevo Poster

Concert Poster & Three Singers

This 2003 tour started in Sarajevo, Bosnia, where I lived at the time.  The tour poster was fabulous, seen here with three great friends and singers.  Notice the shell-damaged wall, a reminder of the horrors this beautiful city faced not so long ago.

St. James Choir, Washington D.C.

Photo of St. James Choir

Here is the choir of St. James Episcopal on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., circa 2005 (now St. Monica & St. James).  They have premiered several of my pieces and commissioned "From Heaven There Came A Sound." 

Friends of C.J. Hoh

Photo of Friends Choir

These are fine singers and wonderful friends, many of whom have helped record some of my compositions.  This group is particularly resplendent, gathered to sing at our civil union ceremony in 2000.   They sang Billings, Ives, Ferko, Thompson and more, including my "This Is The Day."


Photo of Chris & Jill Rehearsing

A last minute rehearsal with Jill Kern (missing from the St. James Choir photo above).  Banging out chords on the piano and scrutinizing my score (Walton), I'm reassured that there's a long tradition of composers giving the choristers a challenge!

Lima Days

Watercolor of Union Church Choir

This watercolor was a farewell gift from the choir of the Union Church of Lima (Peru), where I began composing and conducting in 1985 after a hiatus from music.  I have fond memories of those times and people.  I wrote "Not Alone For Mighty Empire" there, dedicated to long-time organist Geraldine Sarmiento, RIP, as well as "There's A Wideness In God's Mercy" as my parting gift.   I learned in 2010 they are still using the responses I put together 15 years earlier!

Trinity Lutheran, Reading, Pennsylvania

Photo of Trinity Choir & Organ

I was nurtured and confirmed at Trinity Lutheran Church in Reading, Pennsylvania, where theological and musical roots run deep.  Since its founding by Henry Melchior Muhlenburg in 1751, it has maintained an outstanding ministry and program; this church housed the city's first organ in 1771.  The first music published in America was written at the nearby Ephrata Cloister.   The City of Reading's Choral Society is one of America's oldest.   Reading Musical Foundation, Reading Symphony and other organizations have a distinguished concert tradition.   My music has been performed at Trinity and elsewhere in Reading over the years.  "This is The Day" is dedicated to Trinity's Music Director Emeritus, Donald Hinkle, my teacher of piano, organ, theory and so much else.

Bosnia Again

Choir Lunching by River

Here's one more view from Bosnia that I couldn't leave out.  The singers stopped for lunch on the banks of the Buna River after visiting Mostar.  I couldn't join and am still jealous -- look at the fun they're having!

Delicious Music

Cake with Music Notes

A farewell reception featured this lemon-raspberry moussse cake, my favorite.   We sang the anthem "There's A Wideness In God's Mercy" at the preceding church service.   Its motif enshrined in icing!

A Composer's Life

C.J. Hoh Writing Music in Den and in Sweatshirt

Writing music is like making sausage.  Sometimes it's better not to watch!

C.J. Hoh & Laura O'Brien looking at picture of Hoh as Beethoven

This picture was a funny present at my 50th birthday party.  Surprise!