Sweetest Music: Three Shaker Settings (set)

SATB a cappella
Catchy melodies and faithful visions from America's Shaker past in straightforward arrangements. "To the Spirit Land We're Hastening (Faith's Vision)" and "Blest Zion, I Love Thee" are general, heaven-focused hymns. "Sweetest Music, Softly Stealing (Christmas Offering)" fits the holiday season.

HMM 22M4014 Price:   see notes below
Timing:   10:30

Number of Pages:   13

Difficulty:   EM

Occasion/theme:   Americana, Christmas, Nativity, faith, heaven
Text Source:           Shaker Hymns
Tune Source:         Shaker Hymns

Available via this link from J.W. Pepper MyScore.

Includes To The Spirit Land We're Hastening; Sweetest Music Softly Stealing; Blest Zion I Love Thee.
Click here for a video of "Blest Zion" on YouTube.
Click here for a video of "Sweetest Music, Softly Stealing" on YouTube.