Aromimcha Adonai Ki Dilitani

Tenor solo, SATB a cappella, optional tambourine & finger cymbals
The "cantor" opens with a heartfelt call of praise to God.    The choir joins first as accompaniment and then with its own music, "Zam'ru Adonai chasidav" (sing to the Lord, His devout ones).   Lyrical lines interweaving the Zam'ru theme contrast with rhythmic sections highlighting "Hafachta misp'di l'machol li" (you have turned my lament into dancing).   The cantor sings a somber interlude and returns with a joyful reprise for the majestic close.

HMM 22C4021 Price:   $1.00 per copy license fee
Timing:   6:30

Number of Pages:   14

Difficulty:   MD

Occasion/theme:   Praise, festival, singing, dancing, general
Text Source:           Psalm 30
Tune Source:         Original music

Notes:   Commissioned by King's Chapel, Boston, and premiered in concert January 17, 2010, with Thomas Gregg, tenor, and Heinrich Christensen, director. Performed here by Thomas Gregg, tenor and Composer's Choir, Daniel Shaw, conductor.

MIDI:  Aromimcha Adonai Ki Dilitani Midi File