The Nearest Perfection   (from Walker's Words)

Vocal solo, SATB, optional piano
Lighthearted solo and epilogue to the set urges singers to feel that the words and sounds are their own. Chorus joins for the close after soloist nearly dismisses all the preceding advice.

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Timing:   1:50

Number of Pages:   5

Difficulty:   EM

Occasion/theme:   Singing, with feeling
Text Source:           William Walker from The Southern Harmony
Tune Source:         original music

Notes:   Reprises music from first piece in set, ideally with same soloist.     Solo written for mezzo but any voice may perform it.   
Available via this link from J.W. Pepper MyScore.
Preferable with piano but may be performed a cappella.   11th of 11 pieces in suite, "A Few Plain Hints:   William Walker's Words for Singers."   Others are A Person Or Persons, Care Should Be Taken, When Singing In Concert, It Is By No Means Necessary, There Should Not Be Any Noise, Your Singers May Not Join, Learners Should Beat Time, There Are But Few Long Notes, Too Long Singing Injures The Lungs and When Learning To Sing.   Details of each on its individual page.  

MIDI:  The Nearest Perfection   (from Walker's Words) Midi File