Three Latin Prayers   (set)

SSATBB a cappella
Quiet motets seeking protection and guidance, thanks and remembrance, and peace

HMM 23M6004 Price:   see notes below
Timing:   8:15

Number of Pages:   19

Difficulty:   MD

Occasion/theme:   Prayer, angel, comfort, guidance, thanksgiving, memorial, requiem, blessing
Text Source:           Traditional from the Roman Catholic breviary
Tune Source:         Original music

Notes:   Available via this link from J.W. Pepper MyScore.
Consists of "Angele Dei," the prayer to the Guardian Angel; "Agimus Tibi Gratias," the priestly blessing after luncheon; and "Dona Nobis Pacem," the plea for peace at the close of the Latin Mass.  

 Also available for saxophone sextet, "Prayer Suite," which may be used to accompany a choral performance of these pieces.

MIDI:  Three Latin Prayers   (set) Midi File