Salvation Shall Be All My Song:   Six Holyoke Hymns

SATB a cappella with divisi
Hymns from early America arranged as SATB anthems and covering several themes and moods.   Its varied music draws on Samuel Holyoke's original parts and preserves their 18-century feel.

HMM 23M4026 Price:   $4.75 per set license fee
Timing:   17:00

Number of Pages:   72

Difficulty:   EM

Occasion/theme:   various
Text Source:           Isaac Watts & Benjamine Beddome, Psalms 51, 84 & 142
Tune Source:         Buxton, Cardigan, Sunderland, Sturbridge, Hinsdale, Chelsea (Samuel Holyoke)

Notes:   Set includes Faith! ‘Tis A Precious Grace; O Thou That Hear'st When Sinners Cry; Lord of the Worlds Above; To God I Made My Sorrows Known; My Savior God, My Sovereign Prince; and Great God, Thy Glories Shall Employ.   Details of each on its individual page.
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