Hosanna, Son of David

SATB, ten handbells
Exuberant telling of the multitudes shouting "Hosanna" with motif drawn from the Palm Sunday Gregorian chant.   A reverent middle section treats "Blessed is the one who comes..." as a chorale before a lively ending.  

HMM 23C4027 Price:   see notes below
Timing:   3:10

Number of Pages:   6

Difficulty:   MM

Occasion/theme:   Palm Sunday, Passion
Text Source:           Matthew 19, verse 9

Notes:   Handbells complement and support the vocal lines, facilitating outdoor performance. Available via this link from J.W. Pepper My Score. Commissioned and premiered by Pine Street Palm Sunday, Boulder, Colorado, Evanne Browne, director, in April 2011.

MIDI:  Hosanna, Son of David Midi File