Ein Kind Geborn In Bethlehem

SSATBB (or sextet) a cappella
A Renaissance-era tune and text reinterpreted afresh

HMM 24C6031 Price:   $1.50 per copy license fee
Timing:   5:30

Number of Pages:   11

Difficulty:   MD

Occasion/theme:   Christmas, Nativity, Epiphany, Three Kings
Text Source:           Heinrich von Laufenberg (15th Century translation of 13th Century Latin)
Tune Source:         16th Century German (Ein Kind Geborn)

Notes:   In German and Latin; alternate version in English and Latin. Both the German and English versions have texts that may be substituted for Epiphany. Commissioned and premiered in 2013 by Meistersingers (Orange County, California), Brian Dehn, founder and artistic director. Audio is synthesized (wordless) voices.