Shield of the Trinity

SATB + SATB double choir a cappella
Meditative exposition of a medieval symbol

HMM 24C6048 Price:   see notes below
Timing:   2:45

Number of Pages:   7

Difficulty:   MD

Occasion/theme:   Trinity Sunday; general
Text Source:           European 12th Century symbol (Scutum Fidel)

Notes:   A dialogue for two choirs, beginning and ending quietly and in unison. Three sections in between explore the text, each building on the preceding material. There is a louder climax on "sanctus, sanctus, sanctus," but the piece remains calm throughout. Note the recording differs slightly from the printed score in measures 24-27 and 36-37.
Available soon via this link from J.W. Pepper MyScore.

MIDI:  Shield of the Trinity Midi File