Shady Grove

Three parts & piano
A lively love song from the folk tradition to delight and showcase middle school voices

HMM 24C3050B Price:   see notes below
Timing:   2:00

Number of Pages:   11

Difficulty:   EM

Occasion/theme:   Americana, folk song, love

Notes:   Available via this link from J.W. Pepper My Score along with "The Riddle Song" as Two American Ballads.   Commissioned and premiered by George Washington Middle School, Alexandria, Virginia, in May 2015.   In the line, "I wish I had a coolin' drink," the common folksong words are "a glass of wine," which could be substituted at the director's discretion if school circumstances allow. Also available for vocal solo, instrument (cello/clarinet) & piano.

MIDI:  Shady Grove Midi File