Gondoliera Old and New

SATB a cappella
Two pretty part-songs about love and a gondola, one by Clara Wieck Schumann, the other new.

HMM 26C4101 Price:   $2.25 per copy license fee
Timing:   7:00

Number of Pages:   17

Difficulty:   MD

Text Source:           Emanuel Geibel &. C.J. Hoh
Tune Source:         Clara Wieck Schumann & C.J. Hoh

Notes:   First, a practical performing edition of Clara Wieck Schumann's Gondoliera. Second, a new part-song using the same text. Each has either German or English text.

Audio is synthesized (wordless) voices.   Here is a nice performance on YouTube of Wieck Schumann's Gondoliera and another piece.