Sanctus & Benedictus

SATB & strings (or organ)
Stately "sanctus," fugal & syncopated "hosanna," "benedictus" reprising opening theme, coda "hosanna" fuses preceding styles.

HMM 12M4007v Price:   $1.50 per copy license fee
Timing:   5:15

Number of Pages:   17

Difficulty:   MM

Occasion/theme:   Praise, fesitval, general
Text Source:           Traditional
Tune Source:         Original music

Notes:   Movement from mass in progress.   Revised 2009.   Choral-only part available. String parts available on request.   Organ reduction may be used in lieu of strings.   Recorded by Millennium Symphony and Chorus for forthcoming ERM CD in "Masterworks of the New Era" series. A cappella performance also authorized. Sound files only midi / synthesized voices.

MIDI:  Sanctus & Benedictus Midi File