Behold That Star

Baritone solo, SATB, organ
Joyful and tuneful arrangement alternating between solo phrase and choral response.

HMM 21C4006a Price:   see notes below
Timing:   2:50

Number of Pages:   11

Difficulty:   EM

Occasion/theme:   Christmas, wise men, negro spiritual
Text Source:           Thomas W. Talley
Tune Source:         Thomas W. Talley

Notes:   Available via this link from J.W. Pepper MyScore. Score video at this YouTube link.
Recorded on CD "Dashing" #NV6055 from Navona Records. Revised 2016. Formerly published by Augsburg Fortress Press as #11-10404.  Companion piece is "Rise Up Shepherd and Follow," HMM 12C4006b.

MIDI:  Behold That Star Midi File