Evening Music:   Five Sarton Poems   (suite)

SATB a cappella with divisi
A May Sarton collection full of musical images and challenges for the chorus in imitating them.  Available as a set of five pieces or separately.

HMM 13M4007 Price:   $2.25 per copy license fee
Timing:   16:00

Number of Pages:   43

Difficulty:   DD

Occasion/theme:   Music, love
Text Source:           May Sarton
Tune Source:         Original music

Notes:   Includes Evening Music, The Clavichord, Eine Kleine Snailmusik, Girl With 'Cello and Song.   Details of each on its individual page.   May Sarton estate is to be contacted to obtain permission for public performances.   Click here for a video of "Evening Music" on YouTube.   Click here for a video of "Song" on YouTube.