Workshops & Commissions

It never hurts to ask!   I am happy to work with a group that is interested in my compositions.  Collaboration is an essential part of music-making!  If you have questions or comments, I appreciate feedback and am glad to respond.  Sometimes I can particpate in a rehearsal or performance, schedules and distance permitting. 


Some groups have had success in bringing me in for part of a special weekend or workshop to lead the choir in my pieces .  I do not claim to be a choral clinician; there are many well-trained specialists available.   I can, however, help a group hear and sing new music in a new way.   The choristers get enthused when the composer is listening!  Let me know if you are interested and/or would like references.


If you have a special occasion or a favorite text, consider a commission, the process by which you order up a new composition.  It can be rewarding for all to have a piece written with specific performers in mind.  I'd be happy to explore the idea, time permitting.   For some perspectives on the process, here is an email thread from Choral Net about commissioning.   Also, check out this transcript from the World Choral Symposium on working with composers.   Conductor   Philip Brunelle shares his insights in this AGO article and you may be far enough along in your thinking to consult this guide to commissioning from the organization Meet the Composer.   For a very comprehensive list of everything to consider, the American Composer's forum has developed this toolkit as well as this short overview.   I hope you'll consider the idea with any decent composer (not just me) because it can be a real thrill for a chorus.